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The world’s expanding population’s continual search for healthy protein from seafood has led to overfishing of many of the most popular kinds of fish. In fact over 90% of many of the larger ocean fish like Blue Fin Tuna are already gone. Find out what can you do about it?

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Coastal Classroom

Coastal Classroom

How much do you know about our marine environment and how it affects your everyday life? Did you know that mangroves, the coastal trees that can live in salt water, drop their leaves that create nutrients that help sustain nurseries for all kinds of fish and small sea creatures?

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Are you doing all you can to help preserve our coastal waters? Do you know ways your lifestyle can impact the ocean's water quality? Do you know what to do when we have the next red tide bloom? To find out, check START’s available educational resource materials and related links.

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A bloom of the red tide organism, Karenia brevis, has been observed in Southwest Florida along Manatee and Sarasota counties. Karenia brevis was observed in Southwest Florida in background to very low concentrations in five samples collected from Pinellas County, background to high concentrations in forty-one samples collected from Manatee and Sarasota counties, background to [...]

FWRI News Release by Amber Nabors Lake Trafford in Collier County recently received national recognition for its resurging bass fishery, made possible by ongoing restoration projects. Highlighted in the July/August issue of Bassmaster magazine, 1,500-acre Lake Trafford has overcome a history ridden with devastating fish kills and unhealthy habitat to boast quality populations of black [...]

President Obama has used his executive authority under the Antiquities Act to expand the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument making it the largest marine protected area on Earth. The designation will expand the existing Marine National Monument by 442,781 square miles, bringing the total protected area to 582,578 square miles. The monument was originally created in [...]