Field Guide

Shark Eye Moon Snail

Common Name: Shark Eye Moon Snail, Atlantic Moon Snail Scientific Name: Polinices duplicatus Fun Facts: Shark Eye shells generally are found empty and washed up on beaches. The live animals spend most of their time in the water, under the sand where they plow along searching for bivalves to eat. The snails eat them by [...]

Whelk Egg Casing

  Common Name: Whelk Egg Casing Scientific Name: Busycon species Fun Facts: Whelk eggs are laid in intrinsically spiraled strings of egg capsules that resemble the cord of an old-fashioned hair dryer. Each capsule houses 100-200 eggs that go through several stages before developing into tiny whelks within the egg case. The whelks escape by [...]

Sun Ray Venus Clam

  Common Name: Sun Ray, Sun Ray Venus Clam Scientific Name: Macrocallista  nimbosa Fun Facts: This bivalve has a distinctive pattern reminiscent of the rays of the setting sun. Sun Rays can be found buried in sandbars off the beaches and in the bay. They are considered edible but have become somewhat true.

Drift Algae

Common Name: Drift Algae Scientific Name: There is a wide variety of Drift Algae in Florida Bays Fun Facts: This alga is floating in a bed of Manatee Grass. Drift Algae is found in a dizzying array of shapes, colors and structures. A common problem in this area in that red rift algae washes ashore [...]