We want to thank our many supporters who donated to START in the recent Giving Challenge sponsored by the Community Foundation. You contributions were doubled during the Challenge helping START fund more of our water quality programs along the Suncoast. Whether you are a regular reader of our Monthly E-Newsletters, a resident in one of [...]

START is helping to coordinate the planting of a 1.5-acre microforest at Colony Cove, a community of manufactured homes on the north shore of the Manatee River, just across from the Ellenton Outlet Mall. This will be the third microforest planted by Suncoast Urban Reforesters (SURF), which is a consortium that includes Florida Veterans for [...]

As our population along the Suncoast grows, so do the stresses on our environment and the natural systems that support us. Through the cumulative effects of our own personal choices, we either impact or protect our environment. Thanks to the efforts of the experienced sustainability experts from the Science and Environment Council of Southwest Florida [...]

The Venice Area Audubon Society hosted its inaugural Bird Rookery Day on Saturday, March 19th, with an array of environmentally important exhibits, hands-on conservation demonstrations and educational presentations by leading local organizations. The on-site exhibitors included the Mangrove Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society, The Peace River Butterfly Society, Sarasota County Master Gardeners, START’s [...]

The Florida manatee, designated the state marine mammal in 1975, is among the state’s most popular native animal. Manatees are often called gentle giants. They’re slow-moving, peaceful creatures that tend to flock toward human activity in search of warmth. However, 2021 was not a good year for them. More than 1,101 of the sea mammals [...]


What do you know about red tide and how to deal with it? Probably not as much as you would like. You can change that by arranging a screening of START’s Red Tide & You PowerPoint presentation for your neighborhood, service organization or school. The half hour show answers the following five questions: What really [...]

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