El Nino and La Nina are climate patterns in the Pacific Ocean that can affect weather worldwide. During normal conditions in the Pacific Ocean, trade winds blow west along the equator, taking warm water from South America towards Asia. To replace that warm water, cold water rises from the depths, a process called upwelling. El [...]

Extensive algal growth is a key sign that your stormwater ponds are not healthy. You have excess nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) in the water that sustains ever-expanding algae. Unsightly algal blooms reduce the efficiency of your ponds to filter stormwater as it flows downstream to the Bay and the Gulf providing a food source for [...]

Some of your ponds may even show signs of costly erosion as shown above. Bank erosion will fill up your pond with soil limiting its capacity to hold stormwater requiring costly bank remediation or even dredging. If your community is facing these problems with your ponds, you should contact our Healthy Pond Collaborative (HPC) for [...]


For over two decades, the Science and Environment Council (SEC), a not-for-profit consortium of the 40 leading science-based environmental nonprofit and government organizations in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, has convened discussions, informed policy and enhanced public awareness about science-based conversation and sustainable practices to protect and restore our natural environment. In early December, the SEC [...]


The EcoSummit will feature lively solutions-oriented lectures, panel discussions, storytelling and music. Dozens of national, regional and local experts will share fascinating insights and future-forward innovations for recharging our environment and reducing our impacts that will sustain our coastal community’s environment-based quality of life. The EcoSummit kicks off December 4th from 5:00 PM to 8:00 [...]

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