The State Department of Environmental Protection recently “solicited the lists of possible springs projects from the water management districts as part of a planning exercise to help establish a list that could provide a starting point should funding become available,” according to DEP spokeswomen Dee Ann Miller and reported in the Tampa Bay Times. She [...]

Is it possible to increase the populations of two of the Gulf of Mexico’s most popular sport and food fish by raising and releasing small fry? Marine biologists are trying to learn just that. In recent years hundreds of thousands of spotted seatrout, known as specks, and thousands of red snapper fingerlings have been released, [...]

Recently the French Polynesia and Cook islands joined six countries – Palau, Maldives, Honduras, Bahamas, Marshall Islands and Tokelau in creating shark sanctuaries. The new additions are adjacent to each other and span 2.5 million square miles of ocean. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature a third of all shark species face [...]

Gov. Chris Gregoire is taking on the problem of ocean acidification, making Washington the first state to adopt a policy to address what scientists describe as a growing environmental concern. The order signed by Gregoire last November, calls on the state to invest more money in scientific research, curb nutrient runoff from land, and push [...]

Snowbirds aren’t the only ones who have come to Florida to escape the cold weather. In December dozens of cold-stressed sea turtles were delivered to Central Florida from New England, where they were being rescued in record numbers. The turtles arrived in Orlando by a Coast Guard plane, in a flight arranged by the National [...]

The worst red tide to impact Florida since 2007 continues to wreak havoc on our southwest gulf beaches. The bloom started at the end of September and now stretches for 140 miles from Pinellas thru Collier County. In mid-January, the highest concentrations of toxins from the bloom were found off Sarasota County shores with dead [...]

With so much focus lately on red tide we reached out to our Red Tide Alliance partner at the Florida Department of Health’s Aquatic Toxins Program and asked them to talk to our readers about red tide and the work that they do in their department. They have shared the following information with us: Harmful [...]

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