In a major victory for our marine environment, the Florida Senate rejected a House Amendment (HB 999) that tried to put a three-year moratorium on new local laws aimed at preventing nitrogen pollution of water bodies and wetlands. This has been an ongoing battle with the fertilizer lobby in recent years and it is gratifying [...]

The Pacific Legal Foundation is suing the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to down list from endangered to threatened the manatee species found in the warm waters of Florida and elsewhere on the Atlantic Coast. PLF is a nonprofit watchdog organization that litigates for limited government, property rights and a balanced approach to environmental [...]

Florida State University Coastal & Marine Lab has a new research vessel called the Apalachee. The 64 foot catamaran took two years to build at a cost of $1.6 million. Wet and dry laboratories, sediment coring gear and a remotely-operated vehicle called the Sailbuoy are among its features that will be used by scientists and [...]

Scientist from NOAA’s National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science and North Carolina State University recently published a study on karenia brevis algae. The North Carolina press release states that “The study shows that harmful and ubiquitous karenia brevis algae, which case red tide blooms across the Gulf of Mexico, become two to seven times more [...]

SBW Kicks Off its 2013 On-the-Water Events Sarasota Bay Watch kicked-off its 2013 on-the-water event calendar with two student cleanups. In March SBW again partnered with 25 Riverview High School National Honor Society Students for the 3rd Annual Skier’s Island Cleanup and removed 500 lbs of trash from the waterway island. Thanks again to Riverview [...]

The southwest coast of Florida from Sarasota to Lee County has been experiencing one of its worst red tide blooms since 2005. Now, in addition to the fish kills that have been washing up on its shores, manatees have become the latest victims with more poisoned by red tide than in any year on record. [...]

Given the months long red tide bloom on the southwest coast of Florida, many of our residents and visitors have questions and concerns about consuming and harvesting shellfish. We asked Becky Lazensky, MPH, an Epidemiologist with the Aquatic Toxins Program, Public Health Toxicology, Bureau of Epidemiology, Division of Disease Control and Health Protection, Florida Department [...]

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