Focus on Stormwater

Despite the efforts of governments, organizations and many people, nitrogen, the principal nutrient that feeds Harmful Algal Blooms like red tide, has grown alarmingly in our waterways. Sarasota Bay, in particular, has twice as much nitrogen in it today than it did back in 2000.

Recognizing that stormwater is a major contributor to pollutants and excess nutrients in our coastal waters, The Sustainability In Action Roundtable (SART) has chosen its January bi-monthly webinar to discuss managing stormwater to reduce coastal pollution.

The Roundtable will take place on Friday, January 8th, from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM and you are invited to join in. The event will be moderated by Charles C. Reith, President of the Florida House Institute Board of Directors, with the following panelists:

* Jon Thaxton, Senior Vice President for Community Investment at the Gulf Coast Community Foundation, who will discuss his longstanding efforts to address stormwater and announce the launch of the foundation’s innovative Nutrient Playbook.

* Jennifer Shafer, Principal of Shafer Consulting and the Science and Environmental Council, who will explain the implementation of the Nutrient Playbook through an interactive website.

* Sandy Gilbert, Chairman and CEO of START (Solutions To Avoid Red Tide), who will outline some of START’s programs that focus on reducing excess nutrients in stormwater.

* Stacey Berahzer, CEO, IB Environmental, who will cover the economics and equity of stormwater management.

The panelists will speak for about a half hour leaving the rest of the time for moderated discussion and questions from the visiting audience.

To register for the Sustainability In Action Roundtable webinar click here……

Photo courtesy of the EPA

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