The Healthy Pond Collaborative is delighted to announce the availability of The Healthy Ponds Guide, a homeowners guide to establishing and maintaining healthy stormwater ponds in Southwest Florida. The Guide was written by members of the University of Florida IFAS Sarasota, Manatee and Polk County Extensions, the Sarasota County Public Works, Environmental Stormwater Utility and designed and edited by Jennifer and David Shafer of the Science and Environment Council of Southwest Florida.

The Healthy Ponds Guide covers the essential information that HOAs and individual homeowners need to know about assessing and successfully managing their stormwater ponds. You’ll learn how to:

Create a viable Pond Management Plan
Establish and maintain a Buffer or No Mow Zone
Enhance the littoral shelf with attractive aquatic plants
Successfully maintain your ponds over time
Control nutrient pollution

Printed versions of The Guide are limited to communities currently participating in the Healthy Pond Collaborative, but you can easily access your own copy online as a reference source by clicking on the following link:

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