Kenwood Glen, a community in the Plantation in Venice, has sixty seven homes that were constructed in 2014. They began their enhanced pond program with a 300 foot test area last year with funding from the START-Sarasota County NEST Program funded by the Gulf Coast Community Foundation. This year their expanded pond plan was selected as a recipient for a $3,000 grant from the Healthy Pond Collaborative funded by the Barancik Foundation to plant 6,000 plants on the entire littoral shelf of their stormwater pond shown above known as “Lake 70”.

The initial pond test and expanded pond enhancement program has been spearheaded by Kenwood Glen I resident, Bob Clark. Following advice from the Healthy Pond Collaborative, he took on the task of informing the Board and fellow residents about the economic and environmental benefits of establishing a Healthy Pond Enhancement Program. This includes the creation of a No Mow Zone to keep heavy lawnmowers off the pond banks to help reduce costly erosion and the installation of native aquatic plants to limit unsightly algal growth. Kenwood Glen contracted with Beautiful Ponds to assist with the planting. The community was briefed on the importance of an ongoing healthy pond maintenance program in their Newsletter.

If you want to consult with the Healthy Pond Collaborative about the state of your stormwater ponds with the possibility of a grant to help buy the aquatic plants necessary for a successful pond enhancement program, contact Sandy Gilbert with START at

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