Lean More About Red Tide and How to help Control it

Thanks to some valuable help from local experts, START has produced a new PowerPoint presentation entitled “Red Tide & You”. The presentation is designed to answer the questions we heard from concerned citizens around the Sun Coast as we met with various groups during the recent devastating red tide bloom.

1.The five basic questions addressed in the presentation include:

2. What really causes a red tide bloom?

3. Why is it usually so bad here on the Sun Coast?

4. What’s being done about it?

5. How is START helping to deal with it?

6. What can the average citizen do to help?

The “Red Tide & You” presentation is available to screen for civic groups and neighborhood associations by contacting Colleen@start1.org or calling (941) 951-3400 during business hours. We look forward to meeting with your group and answering any questions you have about this perennial plaque on our shores.

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