Red Tide & You

Are you concerned about the prevalence of lingering red tide blooms and their devastating impact on our economy and lifestyle? Probably you are wondering what’s being done about it and what can be done at the local level to help.

START’s Red Tide &You PowerPoint presentation has been shown to many community groups and service organizations to help the public to understand:

What causes red tide
Why is it so bad here along the Suncoast
What are the government, scientists and water quality experts doing about it
How is START working on the problem
What can you do to help

There are many factors that affect the strength, longevity and location of a red tide bloom. However, the people who have seen our Red Tide & You presentation tell us they are most surprised to learn that red tide not only affects us, but that we also impact it. To learn more about the issues surrounding red tide schedule a screening of Red Tide & You for your neighborhood or community group by contacting START at

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