Rescued Manatee Returned to Bonita Springs

The female manatee found floating upside down in a Bonita estuary by kayakers in January was released May 15th in Bonita Springs.  The manatee, suffering from red tide which caused temporary paralysis, weakness and twitching like involuntary movements, had been undergoing therapy for the past four months at the Miami Seaquarium.  She was given antibiotics, put in an apparatus to keep her head above water and monitored by staff.  Breva, named after red tide which is scientifically known as Karenia brevis, gained over 200 pounds.

The manatee was transported to Bonita Springs in a large truck lying on pads and being sprayed with water.  She was lifted by a dozen workers from the truck and hauled to the water.  Once lowered into the water she swam away.

Breva, was the only manatee rescued this winter from red tide.  More than two dozen manatee carcasses were found in waterways that died from red tide poisoning.

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