START is pleased to announce that we have been accepted as a member of the Science and Environment Council of Southwest Florida. This is a prestigious collection of leading science and environmental organizations working to further the understanding of the importance of preserving the quality of our coastal waters. Some of the current members include The Tampa, Sarasota Bay and Charlotte Harbor Estuary Programs, Mote Marine Laboratory, the Sarasota Bay Watch, Selby Gardens and both Manatee and Sarasota counties.

The regular meetings with the participating scientists and environmental experts from these organizations will help START stay abreast of new developments and programs in the environmental arena and facilitate the creation of new partnerships for our future projects.

For the many of you who are personally concerned about the preservation of our marine environment, be sure to plan to attend the Science and Environment Council’s important two-day summit from April 25 to 27. You’ll hear and meet experts on preserving our coastal waterways covering topics on “Our Billion Dollar Bays,” the importance of cleaner waterways and the role of science and advocacy in the Public Square.

To register for the Summit, contact Jennifer Shafer at

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