Due to the exceptional expansion of START’s Healthy Pond Collaborative as outlined above and the growing popularity of our Microforest Program, we are reorganizing our Board of Directors to make the following changes:

1. Dr. Charles Reith is now Vice President of Operations

2. The new Executive Committee will consist of:
A. Sandy Gilbert, CEO
B. Dr. Charles Reith, Vice President of Operations
C. Sherry Coles, Treasurer
D. Colleen Adler, Office Manager

As Vice President of Operations, Charles will manage the new Healthy Pond Collaborative Manatee working with local neighborhoods to advise them how to successfully manage their stormwater ponds and to assist with funding for aquatic plants for the ponds’ littoral shelf. He will also be leading START’s growing effort to expand the use of more efficient microforests over grass turf to help improve the quality of our waterways, create more habitat for wildlife displaced by urbanization and provide carbon sequestration as a hedge against climate change.

Please join us in wishing Charles well in this important new role with START.

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