START Reorganizes

Due to the expansion of our water quality field operations, START is changing its organizational structure. Sandy Gilbert will move to Chairman of the Board to focus on fundraising, government relations and our media and communications program.

Lonnie Ready becomes President in charge of administering our every day activities including our bivalve programs with oysters and clams and our growing field work with stormwater detention ponds through the Healthy Pond Collaborative.

Charles Reith will serve as Vice President and a member of the Executive Committee with Sandy Gilbert and Lonnie Ready. He will be focused on our stormwater pond work in Sarasota County. Charles will also continue his ground-breaking Microforest work as Director of the Suncoast Urban Reforesters.

START is very fortunate to have access to the experience and talents of our new Board officers to help administer our expanding activities to improve the quality of our waterways.

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