Sustainable Living On The Suncoast

As our population along the Suncoast grows, so do the stresses on our environment and the natural systems that support us. Through the cumulative effects of our own personal choices, we either impact or protect our environment. Thanks to the efforts of the experienced sustainability experts from the Science and Environment Council of Southwest Florida with support from the Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation, we now have a user-friendly tool kit of resources to help our residents focus on the most effective approaches for sustainable living on the Suncoast.

The Green Living Tool Kit is the first-of-its-kind basic guide to sustainable energy, food, waste recovery, water protection and natural preservation assembled all in one place and designed especially for the residents of Sarasota and Manatee Counties. The tool kit includes the best step-by-step guides, tools, calculators, incentives and videos to help you get started on a more sustainable lifestyle. You’ll find a community-wide calendar listing environmental events from over a hundred local organizations featuring tours, classes, farmer’s markets and festivals as well as opportunities to volunteer for an environmental project or speak up for a cause.

You can learn more about achieving a more sustainable lifestyle by visiting the tool kit at

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