The Challenge for the Bay

Like many waterways in the Country, the Sarasota Bay Watershed faces many challenges from climate change, hurricanes, the inflow of excess nutrients and pollutants and harmful algal blooms like red tide.

But from noon on April 26th to noon on April 27th, the Giving Challenge will be a positive force that can actually help water quality in the Bay. It’s the opportunity that comes along once every two years when your donation up to $100.00 to your favorite charities is matched by the Community Foundation.

Why should START be part of your Giving Challenge charitable donations? Actually, there are many reasons. Perhaps you live in one of the 25 local communities that have received advice and funding from START and our partners to enhance your ailing stormwater ponds. Maybe you live along the shoreline of Sarasota Bay and you have received the benefit of our partnerships that have seeded water-filtering clams around the Bay or had your shoreline bolstered with oyster beds that help fight erosion. Of course, if you are reading this you are the recipient of our free E-Newsletter every month that keeps you abreast of important environmental issues along the Suncoast. Add our advocacy work on important water quality issues like the successful fertilizer ordinance, the completion of the Conservation Easement at Bobby Jones Park, the holistic stormwater system at Bay Park and the drive to close the problematic gypsum stack at Piney Point and START has been there for you. Now we need you to help us continue our work to improve the quality of our waterways.

You can do that by entering the Giving Challenge from noon to noon on April 26th and 27th. To make a donation to START place the following line in your computer address bar:

It will take you to our Giving Challenge page. Click on the Donate button and complete the simple form.

In order to have your donation matched up to $100 you must make it during the Challenge days, April 26th – 27th from noon to noon. Please take advantage of this unique 24- hour period when every dollar you donate becomes two dollars to help START continue our work.

Thank You.

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