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Preserving Our Coastal Waters
START Educates the public about Red Tide and our Coastal Waters
With Public Education
Oyster shell recycling
And Programs
Nutrients in the Waterway
That Reduce Nutrients
Fish kill from Red TIde
That Feed Red Tide
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Water Quality Coalition

The following organizations are members of START’s Water Quality Coalition:

The Barrier Island League, The Chiles Restaurant Group, Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast, Florida Food and water Watch, Hands Along the water, Now Or Neverglades, Progressive Water Resources, Inc, Sarasota Bay Watch, Sarasota League of Women Voters, Sierra Club, START and the Suncoast waterkeepers.

Contact Us for a list of the pending water quality bills in the Florida Legislature and the legislators who are reviewing them.


START Volunteers

What Does START Do?

What does START do to help reduce excess nutrients in our waterways? START has a three-pronged approach to help reduce excess nutrients including the Gulf Coast Oyster Recycling Program (GCORR) and clam seeding program.

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Dead fish in Canals from Red Tide

Let’s Do More

Join START, other organizations and concerned citizens to form a grass roots coalition to ensure that our federal, State and local policy makers take action to keep unwanted nutrients that feed red tide out of our waterways. To help, contact us now.

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Doing all you can to help preserve our coastal waters? Do you know how your lifestyle can impact the ocean's water quality? Do you know what to do when we have a red tide bloom? Learn more with START’s available educational resource materials.

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Headline News

The water along Lido Beach, Longboat Key and Anna Maria Island took on a brownish hue at the beginning of May.  Test results taken at Long Boat Key confirmed red drift algae (seaweed) and blooms of Trichodesmium.  Neither are considered harmful. Current testing by FWRI: on the southwest coast of Florida, Karenia brevis, the Florida [...]

This March coastal officials have been on high alert north of Lambert Bay, West Africa. The alarm was raised by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries after satellite images taken last week confirmed that the annual natural phenomenon of red tide was slowly moving ashore.  The wave of toxic red tide has seen tons [...]

Although the prospect of stormy weather forced a venue change for the Tide to Table dinner from the beach on Longboat Key to the ballroom at the Polo Grill, over 70 diners joined in the festivities on Saturday night, April 21st. The dinner, a fundraiser for Seafood Savvy, was the creation of Seafood Savvy member [...]

As reported by Craig Pittman of the Tampa Bay Times we may not be out of the woods when it comes to surface damage caused by the Deepwater Horizon disaster.  While everything seems to have gone back to normal on our beaches, geologist James Kirby has found evidence that the oil is still present and [...]

Red Tide was detected in early April around Marco Island.  South Marco Beach, big Marco Pass and Caxambas Pass were found to have very low levels of red tide.  As the month progressed the red tide intensified and NOAA satellites tracked an area of elevated chlorophyll levels from Clam Pass in northern Collier County to [...]

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