Preserving Our Coastal Waters
With Public Education
And Programs
That Reduce Nutrients
That Feed Red Tide
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What Does START Do?

What does START do to help reduce excess nutrients in our waterways? START has a three-pronged approach to help reduce excess nutrients including the Gulf Coast Oyster Recycling Program (GCORR) and clam seeding program.

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Dead fish in Canals from Red Tide

Let’s Do More

Join START, other organizations and concerned citizens to form a grass roots coalition to ensure that our federal, State and local policy makers take action to keep unwanted nutrients that feed red tide out of our waterways. To help, contact us now.

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Doing all you can to help preserve our coastal waters? Do you know how your lifestyle can impact the ocean's water quality? Do you know what to do when we have a red tide bloom? Learn more with START’s available educational resource materials.

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Headline News

2019 was a bad year for manatees in Florida. According to preliminary data from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, boat strikes have killed 136 manatees. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) estimates that at least two – thirds of all Manatees have at one time experienced a boat strike. This despite [...]

Current Conditions The red tide organism, Karenia brevis, was observed in samples collected over the past week. In Southwest Florida over the past week, K. brevis was observed at background concentrations in one sample collected offshore of Pinellas County and one sample collected from Lee County. In Northwest Florida over the past week, K. brevis [...]

As many of you know, the 2020 Florida Legislative session is now under way. START is focused on the important water quality bills described below. To express your support or concerns about these bills, contact us at for a list of the Legislators who are working on them. The following water quality bills are [...]

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