Red Tide Status – October 26, 2012

Southwest Region: On the southwest coast of Florida, a patchy bloom of the Florida Red Tide organism, Karenia brevis, continues from Pinellas County through Collier County. Very low to medium concentrations were found alongshore of Manatee County through southern Collier County. One sample collected offshore of Pinellas County and one collected offshore of Lee County each contained medium concentrations. Samples collected in lower Tampa Bay (Pinellas and Manatee counties) and northern Pine Island Sound (Lee County) showed background to medium concentrations. Multiple fish kills have been documented onshore and offshore of the affected areas; respiratory irritation has also been reported.

Bloom Boundary: The bloom, while patchy, extends from alongshore of Pinellas County through Collier County — affecting approximately 150 miles of shoreline in southwest Florida.

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