Editorial Calls for Funding of Red Tide Research

An Editorial in the Herald Tribune on October 10th cited the latest red tide bloom that has hit the gulf coast. It spoke of the dead fish washing up on beaches and respiratory irritation levels risings. It reminded people of past outbreaks and how devastating it can be with our beaches graveyards to dead fish, sea turtles and stingrays and our birds weak from their food sources tainted by red tide as well as the negative effect it has on our tourism industry.

They noted that while scientists continue to study K. brevis for clues to what set of conditions sparks the destructive blooms the answer is still not known. Currently, scientists are working on experiments to stop or contain red tide outbreaks. Research institutions are working to monitor red tide in our area waters with the hope that the data will help determine whether human practices are contributing to red tide.

The editorial ended with a plea for our Legislature and Congress to maintain funding commitments to red tide research.

START endorses this editorial and asks our readers to write your representatives at both the state and national level and tell them that more research funding is needed. Red tide is not going away.

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