Seafood Savvy Program

The Sanibel Captiva START Chapter has formally announced its launching of a Sustainable Seafood Program. They released the following press release:

To help address the decline in available seafood in our oceans due to the increased demand and overfishing, the San Cap START chapter is introducing a program called Seafood Savvy to help make people aware of the situation and provide some steps toward a solution to this global problem soon to become a crisis.

The Sanibel Captiva START chapter is partnering with local restaurants and seafood markets to help make people aware of seafood species that are still sustainable. This means species that are still abundant enough that if reasonable harvests are maintained, they will be available as a food source for the long term. The goal of the program is to make seafood consumers, markets and restaurants aware of the problem and help them become “seafood savvy” by making sustainable seafood choices.

As a partner, the seafood restaurants and markets agree to make available sustainable seafood choices for their customers, provide informational literature, and familiarize their staffs with the concept of sustainable seafood. The San Cap START chapter provides the staff training and point of sale items for these retailers. In addition, the chapter will run a newspaper advertising and public relations campaign during the 2012 tourist season to increase awareness of sustainable seafood and to direct them to retailers who are providing sustainable seafood choices.

We congratulate the SanCap chapter for joining START’s Seafood Savvy activities and initiating this exciting effort in their area.

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