Seafood Savvy Update

Seafood SavvyAt the START Annual Board Meeting, Dr. Bruce Neill, the President of the Sanibel/Captiva Chapter, discussed the work his chapter had done this past year on Seafood Savvy and what they had planned for the future.

He said they started by going to local restaurants and training the owners, managers and wait staff to help them understand what sustainable seafood is and why one fish is sustainable and why another one isn’t. They also gave out informational materials that could be made available to their patrons.  The number of restaurants involved in this initiative has grown from four to eight.

The chapter’s next goal is to go back and follow up to provide guidance on the training and updates on changes that may have occurred in addition to further outreach to wholesalers and distributors.

Capt. Jeff Werner, START’s Seafood Savvy Coordinator and President of the Bonita Springs/Ft. Myers Beach Chapter, announced an exciting Seafood Savvy event that will take place in October in Ft. Myers.  Stay tuned for more details.

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