In 2015, NASA will launch five airborne field campaigns to study how long range air pollution, warming ocean waters, and fires in Africa affect our climate. This effort into several incompletely understood Earth systems is part of NASA’s Earth Venture class projects. It is funded at a total cost of no more than $30 million [...]

In 2009, John Dabiri, a Caltech professor of aeronautics and bioengineering, and a colleague found that jellyfish can actually move water over distances greater than their body length just by swimming. This he said “was the first hint that animals could transport water over distances much longer than their body size.” The scientist next wondered [...]

Dead Zones Return

It is that time of year again. Dead zones formed between the spring and summer in both the Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists began studying this phenomenon in the 1970’s and are still trying to control it. According to NOAA, hypoxic zones are areas in the ocean of such low oxygen concentration [...]

At the end of February the World Ocean Summit held a three day conference in Half Moon Bay, California.  It was attended by hundreds of representatives of governments, environmental groups, academic institutions and corporations. They came together to discuss solutions to international ocean governance, sustainable use of a shared resource and what role business can [...]

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