rising sea levels

Florida’s 1,197 miles of coastline is only three feet above the rising ocean levels. The geology of the state makes it vulnerable to seawater encroachment. Billions of dollars’ worth of buildings, roads and infrastructure lie on highly porous limestone that leaches water. It is predicted that South Florida will be under six feet or more [...]

More than fifty percent of Americans live in coastal counties, where key infrastructure and evacuation routes are increasingly vulnerable to things like higher sea levels, storm surges and flooding. In 2013, Climate Central released a report on sea level rise that showed there was about $156 billion worth of property and 300,000 homes, on 2,120 [...]

Seas Rising Faster

Sea levels are rising faster than they have in 2,800 years. The culprit is man-made global warming according to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published in February. Professor Bob Knopp, a climate scientist at Rutgers University, led the research with nine colleagues from various U.S. and global universities. The [...]

Sarasota Bay Watch and its Gulf Coast Innovation Challenge partners were thrilled with the outpouring of interest and encouragement for the Living Shorelines Project and the Emerald Necklace Project (go to gulfcoastchallenge.org to see our 3 minute project videos and the other projects). While we are disappointed that these projects were not selected as Finalists [...]

In a recent press release, the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) announced the issuing of a report called “National Landmarks at Risk.” The report said that sea level rise, worsening wildfires and floods are putting at risk landmark historic sites around the United States. The report, which was not a peer reviewed study, names 30 [...]

Sea walls have existed for thousands of years. They are built to prevent tides and waves from eroding our shoreline while protecting our communities from flooding. They are generally constructed of boulders, concrete, steel, vinyl, wood, and aluminum, fiberglass composite and biodegradable sand bags. They are expensive and require maintenance and replacement. They are at [...]

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