Sarasota Bay Watch

Sarasota Bay Watch is excited to participate this year in the March 22nd STEM Workshop hosted by State College of Florida and sponsored by the Gulf Coast Community Foundation.  The workshop will explore with middle school students environmental issues, the marine food chain and biodiversity, watershed concepts as well as human impacts and restoration benefits. [...]

In 2013 Sarasota Bay Watch and its volunteers accomplished the following: On The Water Events 1st Annual Cleanup of the Jim Neville Marine Preserve with Pineview School marine club students – 80 person hours, plus 9 kayaks and 1 canoe; 3rd Annual Skier’s Island Cleanup with RHS National Honor Society students – 110 person hours, [...]

Sarasota Bay Watch has been busy in recent weeks. We finished up the 2013 Scallop Restoration year with a total of 26 million scallop larvae released. This brings our cumulative project total to about 54 million scallops larvae released into the waterways of Manatee and Sarasota Counties. We also conducted our first ever release of [...]

2013 Scallop Restoration Is Off To A Great Start Sarasota Bay Watch got an early start to scallop restoration this year, releasing it’s first batch of scallop larvae (6.7 million) on September 12th. This compares to last year’s November 10th first release, where scallop spawning was held back due to red tide threats. SBW quickly [...]

Sarasota Bay Watch thanks all the volunteers from Sarasota and Manatee Counties that showed up to make our 6th Annual Great Scallop Search the best ever! 165 searchers brought their boats, kayaks, snorkeling gear and dive equipment and dedicated their Saturday morning to search for scallops in the bay. We were thrilled that so many [...]

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