the Everglades

Funding for Everglades restoration and land acquisition projects have been shortchanged according to Florida environmentalists. They filed a lawsuit last June against the Florida Legislature over their budget’s use of money that was set aside for conservation by Amendment 1, saying that funds were diverted to uses not allowable for the Land Acquisition Trust Fund. [...]

In early March the Florida House passed a water policy bill, HB7003. The main elements of the bill include the Springs Protection Program, the Central Florida Water Initiative, the Central and Southern Florida Project and the Northern Everglades project. One major objective of this bill is to create an interagency agreement to develop and implement [...]

The Everglades are a natural region of tropical wetlands in the southern portion of Florida. The two million acre wetland ecosystem begins near Orlando with the Kissimmee River and makes it way south to Florida Bay. It provides an important habitat for rare and endangered species like the manatee, American crocodile and the Florida panther. [...]

Florida has about 1.3 million alligators that live in all 67 counties.  They live in wetlands, vital habitats that contribute to their survival.  But alligators also play an important role in keeping their habitats healthy.  They keep the garfish in check saving bass and bream and other game fish.  They help control the number of [...]